Why to print photographs in digital era

October 1, 2018 , , Manish
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Print Photographs

Print Photographs : We all have heard it over and over again – a picture is worth a thousand words. And I think that it is true. Not to mention, there is much that one can learn just by looking at an image. They tell beautiful stories without uttering a single word. Photographs are the great means to remember feelings and moments which can never be explained to others in words. There is always something very special about looking back at pictures and reliving those moments again and again.

In recent times, every photo that we see is kept or stored on a mobile device. People would pull their phone out of their pocket for showing you photographs from recent trips or so that you can see how adorable their child is. We would collect pictures after pictures, scrolling back up every time when we want to cherish a memory that we have made. Pictures might be moved from our iPhones to our hard disks or laptops to make enough space to take photographs, increasing our collection.

Though we all live in the digital age, printing photos and storing them creatively in gorgeous albums or on canvas is more intimate means to hold on to the memories.

Why it is Essential to Print Photographs and Photobooks

Curate a more Meaningful, Smaller Collection of Memories

Exactly how many pictures do you now have on your smartphone? How many have you already shared online? Tough to think of a number? We have multiple pictures, we won’t even know exactly where to start while archiving them online. Well, the great part about printing your pictures is that you can easily whittle down your picture selection and only print the most significant ones.

JPGs can Worsen over time

Over the years when you open your files and move them from one device to another, the quality of your picture (likely saved in the format of jpg) would lose its quality. So, it is wise to print the photographs while they are in their prime and also of the top quality.

Technology can also Fail

Even though you have a technologically advanced and brand-new PC, smartphone or laptop, it can fail. Well, anything can become destroyed at any time. For example, you might drop the external hard drive, your hard drive can become corrupt, or it might become costlier to maintain while your photographs reach a larger size.

Though backups for backups are certainly good practice. Why not print those pictures for more backup? Right?

Edit Pictures to Print Perfection

Everyone has his/her own aesthetic and style. This is the reason why Instagram is a popular platform for photo sharing. Not to mention, the filters allow you the chance to showcase your style. They make it fun. In case you wish to bring these aesthetics to life, you can also add all these filter options and edit your pictures online right before sending them for printing. This personalised touch would make your happy memories more magical in no time.

Final Thoughts

Whenever I am with my friends or family, I am the one who always says “let’s take a picture”. It is because I want to be certain that moments are documented properly even though it bugs my pals or family members that I am making them pose for photos. I simply cannot stress it enough: always print your photos.

While it is questionable that something would take place to ruin your photo albums or scrapbooks, you don’t even know when technology might fail you and all those precious and invaluable moments would be gone in the blink of your eyes.

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