How does wedding photography referral work?

November 19, 2019 , , Manish
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Referral business is nothing but repeat business. When your existing client gets satisfaction from your work at that time, he refers you to other clients. We all agree that referral is important, but the discussion does not stop here. After you get the referral that becomes a cold inquiry for you and to convert this, you need to convince the client by knowing their requirements. You also need to have a good conversation with him by discussing the idea of photography.

Referral enablers:

For the new photographer, it is not so easy to get the referral so easily. Then the question is, how can you make remarkable experience to deliver the highest quality product, and how do you exceed the maximum level of expectation where the client will talk about you?


This is not so much easy, and for this, you need to follow a few things. Such as,

  1. You need to have a great customer experience.
  2. You also need to provide excellent photography where you also have to edit the photo and finish your work.
  3. You also need to exceed the expectation and deliver the surprise to the customer.


These three things you need to follow very carefully and after the completion of these you can ask for a referral from your client.


Referral rules:

You need to follow some rules, which can make your job easy. Those are below:

  1. You need to deliver something unique, which people can talk about it.
  2. Deliver the product on time.
  3. Wait for a ‘happy moment’ then ask for a referral.
  4. Specifically, you need to ask for a referral.
  5. After you get the referral, you need to covey thank you.


Asking for referrals:

While requesting a referral, it should not be awkward. You need to follow some rules, which can help you in the future.

  1. Just ask: You just need to ask while making the conversation. This is not much difficult process, but you need to notice a client’s mood and ask.
  2. Send a referral letter: You can send a warm referral letter in which the client can reply. You can also send a photo and take an appreciation from them in the mail.
  3. Social media: This is a major way to build a relationship with your client. You can post the clients’ recent session pictures and tag them. There only you can indirectly get many referrals. Your client’s friends will see and give likes on your Facebook page. This is also a better way to reach more people.
  4. Make an event: Some client asks for a family portrait at that time you can visit their home personally and deliver the assignment. That time you can also make sure that they are happy with your work and photo has fit the wall perfectly. You can also create an event and invite your clients for dinner with their friends.
  5. Testimonial: You can also ask your clients for a testimonial. Once you get the testimonial, you can publish it to a social media account and tag your client.


If you maintain all these aforementioned points properly, then you can get the referral, and this will be helpful to grow your business in the future. Only you need to do is that you need to provide them with good service and make them happy.