Showcasing my first International Award!

November 18, 2019 , , Manish
bride getting ready Candid wedding photographyBhubaneswar
Candid wedding photography bhubaneswar
International Award winning photographer from Bhubaneswar Taj Mahal

It was the December of 2016 when I first saw the work of Ben Chrisman, from Chrisman Studios. And later few more like him and then the Fearless Photographers. I was just stunned with the quality of work they were producing. The documentary style yet being creative every time.It just got imprinted in my mind and I wanted to be one of them. To be called as ” International Award Winning Photographer”.It was a real dream to me.

The moment

Initially I was just admiring the work of these photographers , I still do. But I too wanted to be there, so I started getting into the competitions.I tried. Got no luck! Tried again! Still nothing.. But I think I improved over the time. Taking the rejections as a positive critique is a good way to improve ourselves.And it happened on day! The afternoon of Nov. 5th 2019, I was having lunch after an engagement shoot. Scrolling through the winning list of images of the prestigious Wedisson Awards. And guess what? I saw my name right there!! Among all other photographers there was “Manish Singh , India “. I was literally in tears. The moment was a gem. I didn’t know whom to call and tell so I told to the bride sitting next to me, she congratulated and told the expectations are getting high now!

The story

Let me tell you the story behind the image now. It was actually in Feb 2018 that I went to Delhi for Sabyasachi’s pre-wedding. We planned for Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi and reached there by 6 am, but got to know that they had restricted Pre-wedding shoots there. We thought of some other locations in Delhi but finally decided for the Taj Mahal! So we headed to the Taj Mahal, Agra! And guess what I was not at all prepared for the Taj. I was carrying only 35mm lens and an additional 18-55mm kit lens. And to my surprise, the front side was crowded like hell and all my expectations and planned shots just flushed out! Then we went to the backside of the Taj which was quite vacant as people were interested in going on the pavement and having a closer look of the architecture, we were interested in the wide angle view! We got some good frames there. All with the 18-55mm kit lens :p .This image is actually a double exposure one with the couple in front of the arc and other the Taj inverted.

Thank you Wedisson for this! Means a lot to me 🙂