What all services do you provide ?

We provide documentary / candid wedding photography with an artistic touch. We do have a unit for the video production as well.

How many images can I expect from my wedding day ?

We have no limit to shooting. While processing we choose around 400-500 images out of the thousands we shoot which tells your best story and process them.

Do you provide wedding albums ?

Yes we do! There are a variety of options to choose from. Typically a wedding album has 100-150 images designed in perfect layouts , spread over 50-80 pages.

Can you cover the event from both bride and groom side ?

We are a team of professional wedding
photographers , cinematographers and editors. We have a well
co-ordinated workflow among the teammates to cover the event no matter how big it is! We do offer discounts on combo packages.

How much do you charge ?

We can give you the exact figure once we discuss about the event while Photography and Cinematography starts from INR 50k only.