Wedding Photography Tips

November 21, 2019 , , Manish
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The concept of wedding photography has drastically changed in the last few years. Not to mention, wedding photographs are one of the most vital things for a couple as they are a wonderful testimony of their cherished bond and loving relationship. These wedding pictures last forever and so, it is vital that you give your best to make your clients happy. Here are the top 5 wedding photography tips you should know of.

  1.  Search for Emotions:

If you want your client to feel the image , then the emotion is the key. Here I am mentioning to a photogenic child smiling, laughter from here and there, some kids playing around, people chatting, and many other events. Yes, you need to incorporate all these strings into the album. But remember that you can never plan or create these moments because they are original and rare. Search for these sparks during the photoshoot and don’t feel reluctant to capture these moments. The couple would like to see these photographs.

  1. Carry Enough Accessories:

If you are a pro wedding photographer, then making lame excuses for failures never looks good. Hence, you need to carry extra memory cards and batteries. Solid state drive is what I would suggest over the hard-disk to carry the data. Moreover, it is good to store the pictures on your laptop instantly to avoid bad circumstances such as data loss.

  1. Have a second shooter/assistant:

You can never carry all your accessories alone, right? An assistant is needed when it comes to wedding photography. Also, you require somebody to help you manage the light, capture the scenes that you miss, and take the test shots. The best thing you can do is that you can ask a pro wedding photographer to be your helping hand and become his/her second shooter at his/her upcoming project. It is the smartest method to get assistance from a professional wedding photographer and work on a low budget too.

  1. Pre-Plan your Shoot:

You need to make extra time for this specific part of photography. Consider taking additional pictures of the couple in various attractive locations. Make sure that the couple is following your instructions religiously. I suggest you show the bride and groom a manual while planning the photoshoot. Allow them to select the poses that they want and incorporate them into the agreement.

  1. Arrest the Firsts:

Even if every single picture is a memory, you need to ask the couple about special moments that they wish to be arrested for a lifetime. Bridal portraits, family and friends group shots are the moments that couples love to preserve. I suggest you discuss these first moments with both the bride and groom so that you can seize the best shots smoothly.

  1. Friends Are Vital:

You must know that the life of a wedding ceremony is the friends of the bride and groom. Hence, make sure that you capture some great pictures of them with the bride and groom. You need to take group photos of the bride’s pals with her. Don’t forget to take sufficient time for this photo session and click various girly poses for making this part really fun. And do the same when it comes to the groom. Pick some manly shots to offer an ideal match to the wedding album.

  1. Fix your Weapon – Camera:

You need to check all the gadgets and be certain that they are working well. I suggest you carry an extra camera, lights, and lens so that you are well prepared for unexpected situations.

Hope these aforementioned tips will facilitate all wedding photographers in the best possible manner. And if you have anything in mind, feel free to share it with me.