Pros and Cons of Hiring a Friend as your Wedding Photographer

November 26, 2019 , , Manish
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Your wedding photos capture each and every special moment from the day of your wedding. From the Haldi to the Vidaai, the pictures of your wedding day are reminders of the laughter, butterflies, and tears.

But when it comes to wedding photography, it can be so alluring to select a friend with a high-tech camera in case the dream photographer is pretty expensive or is unavailable. But it is vital to understand the importance of appointing an expert photographer and weigh carefully whether it is the best part to make the budget cuts or not.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the pros and cons of having a friend as your wedding photographer.

Let’s talk about the pros first.

  • Comfort:

When you know the photographer and he/she is your friend also, then working with him/her can be an amazing experience. You cannot get nervous rather you get the ultimate comfort that will make you able to give your best shot.

  • Pocket-friendly: 

In case the budget is your primary concern, then hiring a friend as a wedding photographer can save you money. However, make sure that you give your friend an appreciative present if he/she ready to work without charging a penny.

  • Time:

After a fixed number of hours, many photographers leave the venue. Your friend might be ready to stay and click pictures until the end of the rituals.

Wedding photographs should be the best way to remember your D-Day. It hardly matters who you hire as a wedding photographer, be certain that your expectations match with their capabilities.

Now comes the cons.

  • Professionalism: 

Not to mention, professional photographers always have ethics for their dealings with their clients. When the wedding photographer is your friend, then the lines could be blurred. Additionally, a photographer who is even your guest might have a tough time playing each role the entire day.

  • Experience:

These days, people prefer purchasing high-tech cameras and consider themselves photographers. But a lack of proper training, as well as experience, can incapacitate their shooting and editing abilities. Especially if your friend has never ever shot a wedding ceremony, it will be tough for him/her to do the best. And in case your friend is not a professional photographer, then it will be difficult to capture the best moments of the wedding. Remember that there are several moments on your big day, which can never be recreated. So, it is always good to hire a professional wedding photographer.

  • Pressure: 

Your gallery might be filled with amazing pictures, which you wish your own images to look like. An unprofessional photographer might have difficulty in producing the pictures you want and might even feel nervous while taking the shots.

Now you are familiar with both the pros and cons of hiring your friend as your wedding photographer. But do remember that when it comes to your wedding, you should like the creative direction and style of your photographer before delegating them to capture the special moments of your D-Day.


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