How to pose the couple on wedding day

November 15, 2019 , , Manish
Best wedding photography bhubaneswar
bride getting ready Candid wedding photographyBhubaneswar
Posing Groom with ethnic look

The biggest challenge for a wedding photographer is that their client are not used to getting photographed, hence to pose the couple might be a tricky task.Its good to be photojournalist and capture the candid moments but you definitely need those single portraits of the stunning bride and groom and the yes the group shot with family members. They are the images which are framed and hung on the wall for the generations to come.

So here are some quick tips to get the maximum out of your couples and their family

Spend some time with them talking , before you actually start shooting , just to make them comfortable with you.It always makes a difference when an unknown person takes the shot vs the known one. We tend to keep ourselves restricted with the outsiders.Photographers need to overcome this.

Best wedding photography bhubaneswar Candid wedding photographer Bhubaneswar

reception vibes

You may ask them to think about their happiest moments in life.As they say ” Face is the index of the mind” . If you think of happiness , it shows up on your face. And guess what! that’s what it needs, just a jolly thought.

Facing the light.

Working with natural light as a portrait/wedding photographer has its own charm. You get those natural , flawless look. Asking the bride to face the light source is a good idea to expose for the face and bring down the shadows. It creates that contrast which over those dull flat lighting.

Manish Singh Photography Bridal portrait

Bridal pose with footwaer

The ‘S’ curve pose.

Mostly suggested for plus size brides , or in general any bride. The more curve you are able to bring in more stunning the bride looks.Asking them pull in the hips inside and the upper body little front forming the ‘S’ curve is a good way to start. You can keep on adjusting till you get the desired output.

The classic Bride sitting on the chair and Groom standing next to her.

This one is my favorite for the couple portraits , especially during the reception.I think it creates that aspect of lady being respected and the man there to protect her.

The twirl pose.

I know you’ll say big “Noooo” to this as being cliche and out of fashion. But trust me every bride wants it for their wedding album. I think it has that sense of happiness and freedom which is timeless.

Manish Singh Photography Pre-wedding swirl Bhubaneswar

The twirl pose in temple

The elegant look with Groom behind the bride.

This is quite trending now. Pose the couple to get the contrast, with groom and bride not aligned to same dimension. This is a must try one. Varying between bride and groom’s eye moment and look creates even more drama.

Couple pose in Odia wedding

Classic couple pose

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