Tips on Setting a Budget for your Wedding Photography

August 23, 2018 , , Manish
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Summary: The key and first step to finding a right photographer to capture your memories is to fix a budget for wedding photography.

Wedding photography is certainly once in a lifetime investment. It is an investment in seizing beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. As a groom or bride to be, with a marriage to plan and a hundred other details to sort out before the grand day, there are several things that you can invest your wedding budget on – from make-up artists to clothes, décor, entertainment, and catering etc. The avenues are just endless and hence over-spending is unavoidable. This is the reason why it is essential to have a figure in mind that you feel is correct.

It is completely a personal opinion and you are that person who can determine what budget works well for you. And without that figure, it is tough to evaluate whether a professional photographer whose work you love is above, within or below your budget.

Today wedding photography is available at all price ranges and you can pick what works for you. However, remember this: bargain or a cheap deal doesn’t always mean “Value for Money”. Well, the ideal scenario is appointing a team or photographer whose style you love, is a reputable professional and whose rates fall in your estimate.

What I suggest

We totally understand that a marriage ceremony demands thousand other expenses that you have to take care of. So, first decide if investing in wedding photography is what you and your partner want. Is it really your priority? Do you really value those memories that are timeless over other aspects of your marriage? Though we know that wedding photography has become a priority for every single couple nowadays, it all depends on how significant it is to you. There is absolutely no correct Budget for wedding photography, just what is appropriate for you and also for your wedding.

How do you fix one?

Our suggestion for fixing a budget for your wedding photography is this: 10 or 15% of your overall wedding expense. It is definitely not about how much money you can afford; rather it is about how much you prefer to allocate. In case the entertainment is more vital to you than your wedding photography, then you would know to fix your estimate as less than 10%. Now we are confident that you would be capable of finding a professional photographer for your wedding in that budget.