Kanishk & Prerana

February 20, 2023 , Manish
yellow flower shower on couple during haldi ceremony
Friend as wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, capturing the essence of a couple’s love story is the most fulfilling part of the job. The wedding we shot recently at the Mayfair Lagoon in Bhubaneswar was no different. The bride and groom, Kanishk and Prerana, had known each other for ten years and had decided to tie the knot in the most beautiful way possible.Prerana putting on the ear ring Kanishk gifted her 10 years back on their first date and matched the entire outfit with that ear ring. The wedding events consisted of a Mehendi ceremony, a Sangeet night, a Haldi ceremony, and the wedding day.
The Mehendi ceremony was held at the Mayfair Lagoon’s Gazebo. It was a sunny day, and the bride and her friends were dressed in colorful outfits, dancing to the beats of dholak. The groom made an entry to the bride’s place, and the bride was delighted to see him. The bride and groom exchanged beautiful moments, and the bride got her Mehendi done.
The Sangeet night was held at the Mayfair Lagoon’s Orchid hall. The decor was breathtakingly beautiful, with fairy lights, flowers, and a stage for the performances. The groom surprised the bride by dedicating a Shahrukh Khan dance to her. The bride, being a Shahrukh Khan fan, was thrilled and joined him on the dance floor.
The Haldi ceremony was held at the Mayfair Lagoon’s Gazebo. The decor was yellow and orange, and the bride and groom were dressed in yellow too. The Haldi ceremony is a fun event where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom’s face and body.
The wedding day was the most significant day for the couple. The bride looked like a princess in her blue saree, and the groom looked dapper in his cream-colored sherwani. The wedding day was filled with emotional moments, and the photographer captured them beautifully. The bride’s father couldn’t control his tears as he bid farewell to his daughter, and the groom’s father couldn’t hide his pride as he welcomed his daughter-in-law into the family.

Haldi & Sangeet : Mayfair Lagoon Bhubaneswar | Wedding : Crystal Courtyard