Your location guide for pre wedding photoshoot

Location Ideas for your Pre-Wedding Shoot

November 13, 2019 , , Manish
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Pre wedding photo shoot location bhubaneswar

The wedding season is around the corner. The preparations have also begun in full swing. Those days have gone while wedding photography was restricted to capturing rituals only. Pre wedding photoshoot has become one of the hottest trends now. But selecting an ideal location for pre wedding photoshoot is a real job. The location needs to be scenic, with emotional significance to the couple.

While planning for shoots, location becomes as vital as choosing the right outfit for a wedding. With a growing number of locations marketing themselves as the ideal spot for a ‘pre wedding shoot’, this becomes tough to pick the right place.

Given below are a few locations chosen for bride and groom-to-be to show their candid candor in the pre weeding photoshoots:


Not to mention, we all have been blessed with all types of terrains, seasons, and mesmerizing landscapes in India. Based on what your taste and preference is, you can select from a plethora of striking location in our nation. Find what terrain or weather works the best for you – snow or autumn, mountains or sandy beach. Freeze your affection in the mountains of Ladakh or you can let your love bubble in the beautiful deserts of Rajasthan. Or you can even try out a laid-back feel on the backwaters of Kerala or the vibrant seashore of Goa. In fact, take a mini-vacation while capturing the moments of your love. Relaxed and happy people always make the prettiest photos and I love to capture the joy and happiness between them.

Pre wedding photoshoot location Lal Bagh bangalore

Lal Bagh, Bangalore



We also have manifold outstanding locations all across the country. A load of palaces and forts have been transformed to heritage hotels. In case you want the royal vibe to your photographs, then this is absolutely for you. Forts and places have the feel of royalty and history while offering modern facilities and hospitality support for the photoshoot simultaneously.

Pre wedding location konark temple

Sun temple, Konark (Odisha)


In case you love to capture a moment in such a place that requires absolutely no description, then I suggest you to pick a heritage site. This gives a ‘sense-of-place’ instantly to your photos that they cannot help but be magnificent. For example,the Taj Mahal is a perfect location. The heritage buildings have already stood the test of time and remained the same for ages. So, why not immortalize your love story in a place that has witnessed thousands other love stories?

Pre wedding photoshoot Taj Mahal evening

Taj Mahal, Agra


If all these options don’t make you feel excited, then you should definitely try something very off-beat. As a professional wedding photographer in Bhubaneswar, I love the colors and vibrancy of streets. And it is more than perfect if you are ready for trying out something adventurous and are certainly not afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone. Just take a casual walk in the favorite part of your city, perhaps a chaotic market, older parts or a graffiti-ed area just for a grungy feel, and forget the professional wedding photographer exists. Get lost in spending quality time with your partner.

Manish Singh Photography Monica_post-wedding Bhubaneswar

Old town, Bhubaneswar


Having that twirl shot of Lehenga or that candid moment in the temple corridor, temples are a must have location to shoot.I would recommend to choose the temple with less crowd and good architecture.Going early morning for the shoot would allow beautiful soft light and clutter free backgrounds.Please do maintain the decorum of the religious place and dress accordingly.

pre-wedding photoshoot in mukteswar temple bhubaneswar

Mukteswar temple, Bhubaneswar

Keep in mind the location you choose for your pre wedding photoshoot reflects your persona. If you are happy and comfortable, the images would reflect it. Hence, don’t pick anything randomly in pursuit of a wild idea or a theme. Talk with your destination wedding photographer and finalize a location. You, your story, and your personality as a couple are more important and should surpass what everybody else is doing – since these are not just pictures, they are eternal joy and memories.

I’d love to know where and why you picked your pre wedding location. Let me know in the comment section.