Sonalee + Santosh Telugu wedding Bhubaneswar

August 5, 2020 , Manish
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With a pre-wedding shoot at the Brahmeswar temple Bhubaneswar, we witnessed the wedding of Sonalee and Santosh in December 2019.With all the Telugu wedding rituals it was a wonderful feeling to witness their story. Sonalee is such a charming personality always there with a smiling face.Starting from the getting ready shots then the bridal portraits at the venue , Hotel New Marrion Bhubaneswar, enjoyed capturing every single frame. When Santosh joined the baraati dance we knew this was going to be a well documented story.

The bride sitting in the hand crafted bamboo bowl like thing and praying was a unique thing to experience. Bride and groom putting their hands on each other’s head and their the famous telugu wedding ritual ‘Talambralu’ where they put the sacred rice and pearls on each other’s head and then sighting the ‘Arundhati Nakshatram’ which is an important event in newly wed couples. Arundhati¬† and Vashishta constellation is such that they both revolve around each other, symbolizing how idealistically married couple should be carrying themselves towards each other.

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